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An earlier post on this very site was about YATTER (York Archaeological Trust Trivial Employee’s Reading) a digger’s newsletter produced in the late 1970s. HumArch promised more YATTERs to come and so here, scanned and posted for your delectation and delight, is the YATTER guide to Hadrian’s Wall; Volume I: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, […]

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Digging for Dummies

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Thanks to David Connolly for our very own Hum Arch cartoon! We love it! The image of the upside down archaeologist is taken from an earlier post – Inversion.

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34 Cartoons: Hum Arch goes to the movies

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We’re about to go cartoon crazy at Hum Arch. David Connolly has sent us a selection of his fabulous archaeology related cartoons.  A bumper crop of 34 cartoons. This, the first of a series of posts, is movie related. So grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the feature.  Many thanks to David!     […]

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Be kind to a find (and record everything)

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These come from Jenni Lucenius, an archaeologist on the Åland Islands, Finland. She found them both at Museibyrån, Åland’s national board of art and antiquities; they come from the 1990s but she doesn’t know who wrote them. Or the story behind the registering of the earthworm…

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Bristol jump Berkeley

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The University of Bristol’s annual archaeological excavation takes place at Berkeley Castle in the town of Berkeley, in Gloucestershire.  As well as building up a detailed picture of the archaeology of the castle, and the associated settlement, the Bristol Dig Berkeley team also record site humour. Students have a record of their time on the excavation and […]

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The Digger Magazine, 1998-2006

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“And now some humourous ranting by a subscriber…” So ended the first page of The Digger, a newsletter for diggers created in the late 1990s by a collective of archaeologists to discuss pay and working conditions on the digging circuit (with anonymity guaranteed for those who wanted to have a good moan). The Digger was […]

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Artifact: A Novel

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Heard the one about the archaeologists and the real estate developers? Northfield Books, a publisher in the US, has been in touch to tell us about a new book Artifact written by George H. Monahan, a history professor residing in Suffolk County. The novel explores the comedic value of what happens when archaeologists and commercial […]

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Memory stick in the mud

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A one-page comic about a strange artefact found on a dig. By Gabriel Moshenska

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In 2013 WYG’s Principal Archaeologist, Martin Brown, joined an historic project to locate and excavate a number of World War II spitfires allegedly buried at the end of the war because they were surplus to requirements. The WYG press release and selected news reports are posted here and here . The following poem, Mandalay, was written by Martin […]

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Skelly recording sheet

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Lara Band has dug out a copy of a skelly recording sheet sheet from her time working as an archaeologist at Archaeology South-East. She remembers that the annotations of the sheet were “our attempt to learn the names of all the bones. Some of them I can still understand, some of them I have no idea […]

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